Thank you for taking the time to read all about me.  I hope this will help you decide if I am the right marriage celebrant for you.

I'm a creative and adventurous gal living on the Mid North Coast.  I grew up a country girl in the NSW Snowy Mountains, moving to Port Macquarie in 2008.  I've got a great husband Kris - even if it did take me over 10 years to convince him to get married! A cute as pie mischievous mini-me named Ivy & a crazy fly chasing queen Kelpie dog Heidi.  I have owned a local retail store since 2014, and balance that, travel & family life!


Photo by The Photo Trail

So you might be asking 'sounds like you've already got a lot on your plate?'  Well so the saying goes - if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.  I remember the  moment I decided on doing my celebrants course quite clearly,  I was at a coffee shop and overheard a conversation between two women about an upcoming wedding.  They were speaking about the difficulty of  finding a celebrant that suited them as their first choice was booked out.  Well the entrepreneur within me sparked and I thought that's it!  This area needs more enthusiastic, savvy, young celebrants that the couples getting married today can relate to.  I've always worked in retail so I am able to adapt to different personalities really well.  So much so, my store customers quite often refuse to talk to anyone else other than myself - I'm the one that's most relatable and GETS IT DONE!

All couples are different, there isn't one ceremony template that is going to suit everyone.  By getting to know you and your partner, I will take pride in tailoring ceremonies to your needs and requirements - no matter how big or small.  I have always been confident in front of an audience - and have the ability to hold their attention, I am friendly and welcoming, and I LOVE love stories, so I'm interested in hearing about your life as a couple, the reasons why you love each other, and I'll help you bring your love story to life in your ceremony.